Kirtland History Files

Located in Cabinet #8 and #9, contains articles, pamphlets, and other sources organized by the subjects below.

Note: Most of the newspaper articles listed are photocopies. The following abbreviations are used to indicate the sources of articles:

                    NH for News-Herald                  PD for Plain Dealer

Cabinet #8 (left side)

Cemetery Records

Kirtland Township (Township Records, Becoming a City)

Kirtland History (Lands & Properties, Heritage Days, Myths & Legends, Teachers Institute, Craftsmen, Tornado of 1842)

Kirtland News Articles By Decade (2000s, 1990s, 1980s, 1970s)

Kirtland Development (Zoning & Planning, Zoning, PUD Ordinance/KARM, Old Town Revitalization, Charter)

Kirtland City (Government, Elections & Issues, Police Department, Fire Department)


Cabinet # 8 (right side)

Jared P. Kirtland

Census & Name Lists (Census Records, 1970s Census and Name List, Earmarks)

Kirtland Families (Moore, Kirtland, Cleveland, Stray, Smith, Wright, Booth, Crary, Poole, Pike)

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (News Articles, Genealogical Library, Whitney Store Museum)

Churches (Chapel of Divine Word, Old South Church)

Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (News Articles, Kirtland Temple)

Kirtland Places (Town Hall, Chillicothe Road, 306/615 Triangle, Misc. Roads, Little Mountain, Chagrin River, Concord Township, Kirtland Landfill, Kirtland Fly Ash Dumping, Kirtland Hills, Waite Hill)

Kirtland Places (II) (History of Little Mountain, Herb Society, Kirtland Community Center, Kirtland Businesses, Western Reserve Extended Care, Kirtland Civic Center, Shadybrook House)

Kirtland Places (III) Lake County Historical Society, Moore Mansion, Kirtland Public Library

Lakeland Community College


Kirtland Organizations (Kirtland Safety Society, Kirtland Civic League, Kirtland Community Cares, Kirtland Community Fund, Kirtland Country Club, Kirtland Country Club fire, Kirtland Area Service Council, Kirtland Grange)

Holden Arboretum

Kirtland Parks (Kirtland Community Park, Kirtland Recreation Park)

Lake Metroparks (Penitentiary Glen, Farmpark, Chapin Forest, Other parks, Squire's Castle)

Lake Metoparks (News Articles)

Kirtland People (Kirtland Notables A-E, F-J, K-O, P-T, U-Z)

Kirtland People (III) (Presidential Visits, Kirtland Veterans, Lake County Veterans, Kirtland Seniors)