Kirtland Early Settlers

Folder contents:

  • Telegraph (1976?) Ancestral Trail feature: "Stephen Ames was first treasurer of Kirtland Township"
  • Telegraph May 10 1975 Ancestral Trail feature: "Tracy Cleveland was a Kirtland pioneer miller"
  • Telegraph Feb 21 1976 Ancestral Trail feature: "Crary first settler in Kirtland"
  • Department of Natural History of the Ohio Historical Society pamphlet Aug 1 1965 "Jared Potter Kirtland, Pioneer Ornithologist of Ohio"
  • Western Reserve publication May/June 1978 article "Jared P. Kirtland: Man of Many Talents"
  • Telegraph (undated) Ancestral Trail feature: "Peter Markell was pioneer of Kirtland"
  • Telegraph Apr 12 1975 Ancestral Trail feature: "John Moore III was Kirtland pioneer"
  • Telegraph Aug 14 1976 "Benjamin Pitcher settled in Kirtland"
  • Historical Society Quarterly May 1963 feature "Early Settlers of Kirtland" (Smith family)
  • NH Sep 20 1935 "Much Early Manufacturing Was Carried On In Homes By The Pioneer Settlers"


  • Copy of photo from unknown book: Christopher Crary
  • Typed notes on Christopher Crary family
  • Typed Index: Pioneer Women in Kirtland prior to 1840 (prepared from Western Reserve Historical Society manuscripts)
  • From Pioneer Women of the Western Reserve 1896 "Pioneer Women of Kirtland 1811-1850"