Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Genealogical Library

Folder contents:

  • NH Apr 18 2000 "Kirtland church unveils big project" (Restoration)
  • PD Apr 18 2000 "Mormons will fund restoration in Kirtland: $10 million plan for historic sites"
  • (Source and date unknown) "New Auditorium on Site of Old Kirtland Hotel"
  • PD May 9 2001 "Renewing the roots of a faith: Kirtland's early Mormon settlement will be rebuilt" (Restoration)
  • NH Aug 17 2001 "Kirtland schoolhouse returns from recess lasting 150 years: Discovery of 1819 foundation changes 'Historic' plans" (Restoration)
  • Booklet: Proposal for Restruction: Kirtland Historic Sites
  • Mar 1989 Lake County Historical Quarterly featuring article: "A Mormon Interlude in Kirtland"
  • Kirtland Heritage (index of early Kirtland Latter Day Saints 1830-45)
  • Nov/Dec 1999 Timeline (a publication of the Ohio Historical Society)
  • (Date early 80s) Kirtland Roots Newsletter (a publication of Kirtland Genealogical Library)
  • Copies of Legacy (newsletter from Kirtland Branch Genealogical Library) V1 N1 1984; V1 N2 (1984?); V2 N1 (1985?)
  • Spring 1983 Newsletter: Finding the Posterity
  • Copy of letter from Joseph Smith Jr. and petitioners to A Harrison Esq, written in Kirtland, Nov 7 1836