Cemetery Records

Folder contents:

  • Index: North Kirtland Cemetery
  • Index: Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Lake County on Chardon Road
  • Index: Temple Cemetery
  • Index: South Kirtland Cemetery
  • Index: Sperry Farm Cemetery
  • Typed pages: article taken from Painesville Telegraph (1935?) "Two Soldiers of Revolutionary War Are Buried in Forgotten Cemetery on River Bank Near Kirtland"
  • Undated typed pages: Deaths of Prominent Persons
  • Undated handwritten note: Estimate of damage to Kirtland Village Temple Cemetery by Vandals, signed Lawrence Hunkin (?), assistant sexton
  • Kirtland Gazette Aug/Sep 1995 "Mystery Graves Found in Kirtland"
  • NH Feb 20 1997 "Non-Kirtlanders dying to get in" (discusses low cost cemetery rates in Kirtland)