The Fire Within -- Your Healthy Skin

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“THE FIRE WITHIN” - Are skin disorders a warning sign of other health issues?

This general seminar addresses the statement “you are what you eat”.  We’ll look at skin disorders as the warning sign of the body’s inability to handle the toxic overload from the “Western diet”.

The typical American diet puts us on the road to illness, fatigue, poor quality of life, and even skin disorders.  Learn how the gut functions and how your diet is vital in the body’s natural detox functions.  We will discuss how to achieve healthier skin with simple recommendations for better eating, while incorporating natural skin-care products as an alternative solution to treat and manage your disorder.

Presented by Mary Wank, a Professional Wellness Advocate and president of LATIV.

This event is FREE, but you must have a ticket.  Please register at the LIbrary.

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