A Universe of Stories -- Summer Reading Fun!


Summer Reading: A Universe of Stories  June 3-July 27, 2019

Register at the Library starting June 3, 2019. Get your reading log and calendar of events. 

Check out some books and start reading!

Read! Every time you read for 20 minutes, cross off one star.  Each time you have crossed off 7 stars, bring your log back to the Library, and the librarian will:

Þ Initial your reading log,

Þ give you a sticker to add to our bulletin board  display,

Þ give you a raffle ticket to fill out for a chance to win one of our grand prizes!         

Prizes donated by:

  • African Safari WILDLIFE PARK
  • U.S.S. Cod
  • Goodtime III
  • The Cleveland Cavaliers
  • The Mentor Ice Breakers
  • Pioneer Waterland & Dry Fun Park
  • Great Lakes Science Center
  • Adventure Zone
  • The Cleveland Browns
  • The Lake County Captains
  • Holden Forests & Gardens
  • Kings Island
  • Memphis Kiddie Park


Every time you visit the library in June and July to check out more books, make sure to:

Þ  vote for the hair color that Miss Pam and Nikki will have at the End of Summer Reading Party!


Make sure to sign up for some of our special programs this summer, Each time you attend a special program, you will

receive another raffle ticket!


When you have crossed off all 49 stars by July 20, 2019, then CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU!

You get to:

Þ pick out a free book to keep,

Þ register for the party at 1:30 on Sat. July 27 with artist Jeff Nicholas,

Þ and, if you are a student at Kirtland  Elementary School, you will be invited to a Pizza Party in August at school!

Come to the Library and sign up!!