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Interurban Display








The Interurban Electric Railway was an important part of the transportation history of the United States.  Here in Lake and Geauga Counties there were several different lines connecting our little towns to the rest of northeast Ohio and beyond.  The Cleveland and Eastern Interurban Historical Society and Museum, with the help of local residents, have created a wonderful display for the Library.  Museum member Dick Philpott built a replica of a railway car and some local residents created the rest of the display.  Additional photos and artifacts are on display in the glass cases inside the Library.

On Wednesday, November 9th at 7:00 p.m. the Library will host a program about the history of the Interurban Railway.  Find out the connection between Mooreland Mansion and the Kirtland Country Club and the development of the interurban railway in this area.

The Cleveland and Eastern Interurban Historical Society is located in the in the basement of the historic 1850 Town Hall at the Chesterland Historical Foundation.